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We hope to be a leading provider of creative life resources, interactive experiences, and mentorship connections that delights, inspires hope, and empowers young people to live with purpose and diligence despite the negative circumstances around them.

GrandHeights has been an evolving process around a specific goal – to create resources that will empower teenagers/young people and the passion areas in my heart were faith, mental acuity, identity, academic excellence, celebration and development of skills that are deployed in the exercise of purpose and intentional living. It was not meant to just be a site. The vision was to have resources like well-researched articles and stories, books, courses, video workshops, events and interactive experiences, career simulations, counseling guide, and seasonal productions designed to be used by students, teachers and parents. 

The concept of Reachable Mentorship is a huge part of grandHeights – connecting young people to a network of mentors that can provide guidance to their journey. 

GrandHeights is being rebuilt to achieve its original intention to be an entity that serves as a development laboratory with various subsections that develops resources and create reachable mentorship connections that inspire hope and empower  young people to pursue life with purpose and diligence despite the negative circumstances around them